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  2. Girl Power (2014)


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  4. Visual Anthropology Photo Essay - Corpus: Mining the Border, Sierra Leone, by Danny Hoffman 2013

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  5. curious as to how im somehow still not making money off my blog bc it’s so swag ??????wtf


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    Transparent Vaio by gordeonbleu on Flickr.

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  8. Lou Reed from The Velvet Underground1973, by Dustin Pittman


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    Original Caption: “May 16, 1970 - Jackson, Mississippi: Unidentified man stands behind shattered window of women’s dormitory following the fatal shooting of two Negro students at Jackson State College. Fifteen others were hurt in a shootout between police and alleged snipers.”

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    Segment of Hitler’s upper teeth

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    Of what worth am I that I should deny what I continue to see?

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    Devendra Banhart

    Villa Lena

    Photo © Coke Bartrina

    How is he even a real person?¿